Olay Regenerist Wrinkle Cream Reviewed (Scam?)

Product Rating2.

The Olay Regenerist cream was not the traditional type of cream that we ususally review here on our best wrinkle cream review site, but this is the first “big” name company that created a product in hopes of reaching serious wrinkle treatment status.  Our first impression of this cream was somewhat alarming, when we realized the price.  Priced well below the standard this cream was either going to use Olay’s size to deliver an extremely low priced cream, or was going to fall well short on the results.

Our experience with this product was unforturnately the latter.  It was quite obvious after only a few weeks that this product was priced low because of the level of results and the concentration of active ingredients.  There is no doubt that the use of peptides and other cellular regeneration ingredients is among the best way to treat wrinkles, however, it must be an appropriate concentration of the peptides and combined with a delivery cream that maximizes the benefits.  It was in these regards that Olay Regenerist missed its mark.

The Value

As we mentioned Olay Regenerist is priced well below the average for the best wrinkle creams.  It is an affordable price for an affordable portion of ingredients, it would be better served to increase the price and double the active agents and provide a potent enough wrinkle cream.  Unfortunately, there is not much value in this low price.  We saw no evidence of a Regenerist Wrinkle Treatment Scam, its a decent product, but unfortunately very limited results. If you are looking for real results, while you are still young enough to see them read the reviews of our Top Rated Wrinkle Cream.


This product is subject to the return policy of the site or store that you purchased it from.  Olay offers no additional guarantee.

Our Recommendation

If you do not have established wrinkles, or do not mind waiting 4-6 months to start to see results then this may be the product for you.  The problem is by the time you pay this price 6 times it has cost you more than just one bottle of the best wrinkle creams, and with those you would have results in 30-45 days.  Not sure this one makes financial sense no matter how you slice it.  During our testing period we documented limited and non visible results.  For those reasons we can not recommend Olay Regenerist.

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4 Responses to “Olay Regenerist Wrinkle Cream Reviewed (Scam?)”

  1. Gerri Orndorff Says:
    Product Rating 33333

    I like this cream, I dont know much about all your fancy creams, but I think I look better already and I have been using it for 2 months.

  2. Tealah Says:
    Product Rating 22222

    This is a cheap product, Olay is trying to sound like a real wrinkle cream, not just a drugstore brand, dont fall for it. It wont hurt you but dont expect it to help you either.

  3. Bernie Joalos Says:
    Product Rating 33333

    This is nothing more than a basic cream. It has the type of ingredients of the best wrinkle creams but it does not work like them. Important to read wrinkle cream reviews on this one.

  4. Jasmine T. Says:
    Product Rating 22222

    Alot less potent than I had hoped but still a nice light cream. Not going to change your life, but over time will help

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